FEMMERR is a producer in Turkey for different kinds of Side Lifter, Side Loader, Container Trailer, Swinglift and container ramps are produced by FEMMERR as a brand of STU Trailers in Turkey. Our experienced high educated, technical team have designed Side Lifters, container trailers, side loaders, container tippers, container tilters and loading ramps for long life of special and standart useages with latest technology.

We know that your drivers have enough experience on the working areas, cause of that we have to be sensitive on the reliability of our trailers. Therefore all members of the FEMMERR focus on absolute top quality trailers.

Our mission is; producing first quality safety trailers, reflecting our and your experiences to our all types of our semi trailers to provide the best solutions to our customers on their working areas. We continuously develop ourself for producing high quality trailers according to our customers demand. Like a partner with our customers we design new trailers by innovative approach. We offer only solutions for every business about containers and other loadings other transportations to satisfy your desires.

Why Us?

– 12 Month Warranty
– 3th Party Inspection Certificate for Each Trailer
– EU standard trailers / Avaliable COC for Registiration
– Importance on drivers safety
– Custom made production
– Flexiable trailer and handling solutions
– High quality material useage
– Competitive Prices


  • With a subcontracting and marketing understanding based on customer satisfaction,
  • Always keep consumer rights with sales and after sales supports,
  • Getting an awareness closely pursuing technological developments,
  • Always acting consciously in terms of environment and humans,
  • Hard working to succeed in the best for our customers, employees and business partners,
  • The company has chosen its mission to continue to be the Leader in its sector, by expanding in foreign markets.


Femmerr has chosen to grow together with its workers, suppliers, and valuable customers and to become a world brand in the on-board semi trailer industry, as it’s main target.  We are providing special solutions for container haulage and container loadings for our customers in this sector in whole world.